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Welcome to Launch Capital Partners

Assets for Loving God and Neighbor

Founded in 2015, Launch Capital Partners is a private equity firm that deploys capital to acquire and operate real estate and businesses. We believe that beating market returns and creating social impact are not mutually exclusive. Simultaneously benefiting investors, refugees, and internationals, Launch Capital promotes thriving communities by providing multifamily housing as well as employment opportunities.


Where we came from

Growing out of years of conversation about business, ministry, missions, the local church, and the Christian life, Launch Capital was founded in late 2014 as a viable marketplace response to ministry opportunities presented by the global migration crisis. During initial growth in early 2015, Launch Capital completely re-positioned 120 vacant and distressed multifamily real estate assets.

Launch Capital continues to acquire and manage workforce housing assets located in zip codes with high densities of immigrants and refugees. Launch Capital also selectively acquires businesses that provide strategic services to the refugee and immigrant community.


Our Team


Jimmy Wright

President & Co-Founder

Jimmy Wright is Co-Founder and President of Launch Capital Partners.  He holds an MBA from Bellarmine University and an MSBC from Spalding University.  He is PMP certified from the project management institute and has served as an adjunct professor in graduate business school at Spalding University.  He spent a decade at a Fortune 50 company, where he led Product Development, IT automation and reporting teams.  He used his project management background to begin rehabbing houses in 2014.  In 2015, he left his corporate role to lead Launch Capital full time.


Michael Hall

Vice President - Acquisitions

Michael brings an extensive background in business management and real estate investing to the Launch Capital team. As a licensed commercial real estate broker, he has experience in site selection, strategic planning, market research, investment, and creative redevelopment across a variety of businesses and industries. Michael holds a BA in International Studies from Cedarville University and after living and working in Beijing China, returned to the US to complete an MBA at the University of Louisville.


Ben Hedrick

Co-Founder & Partner

As Co-Founder and CEO of Launch Property Management, Ben oversees the management of about 800 multifamily apartment units in the Louisville market.   He served as Executive Pastor at Immanuel for 8 years where he managed a $7MM national historic register building renovation. Before joining Immanuel, he managed Prima Supply, which is an online leader in coffee and restaurant equipment sales. He holds a BA from Missouri Baptist University.


Charlie Marcum


As CEO and co-owner, Charlie Marcum grew TopWorx Inc, into a global leader in the industrial sensors and controls market. He expanded product lines and established company locations in the US, UK, Singapore, Bahrain, and South Africa. In 2008, he negotiated the sale of TopWorx to Emerson Electric, a multinational Fortune 500 company. Since the company's sale Charlie has invested in and helped scale companies like MXD Process, SinglePoint Solutions, and PureForge. He brings a wealth of business and management experience to the Launch Capital team. He holds a BA in business administration from Stetson University.


Our Portfolio

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Launch Property Management manages our multifamily assets. As a registered Public Benefit Corp., Launch Property Management catalyzes community by providing hospitable housing.

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Clean Care is the first Launch Capital investment outside of real estate. The founder shared mission alignment targeting job creation and impact for refugees and immigrants making the company a great addition to Launch Capital.

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Launch Capital holds 776 apartment units in Louisville, KY. Having successfully raised and deployed the $2MM Caspian Fund in 2019, Launch Capital closed  the $8MM Aegean at the end of 2020.



1941 Bishop Ln. STE 804 Louisville, KY 40218

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